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  1. flywheel removal
  2. 5B to 5T conversion (parts list)
  3. DIY Front Lightpod Bracket
  4. DIY Airfilter Mod
  5. Very easy Light mod...
  6. My Led Lights, 8 Big Blue Leds, Pics & Video
  7. Dont throw away your old/damaged dogbone boots
  8. Another use for the DS dogbone boots
  9. Boots install
  10. DIY Steering Headlights
  11. DIY Roofscoop
  12. DIY Reinforced Bulkhead
  13. DIY Spare Wheel Carrier
  14. Windows & Chassis Protection Templates
  15. DIY Front Light Pod Mount #2
  16. mud and grass guards
  17. Integy disc brakes
  18. Seal & bearing removal
  19. second test with guards.
  20. Dyeing RPM arms?
  21. Homemade Baja stand
  22. De-anodising alloy "how to"
  23. good brake tips
  24. Exhaust stud mod
  25. Mesh Mod - crank case & pullstart
  26. HPi Baja starting & tuning video
  27. Shock bleeding
  28. Inner Tube Shock Socks
  29. Simple front LED pod mount
  30. How to mount rear pods
  31. FREE roll cage mod
  32. Bajas on a budget
  33. A few mods to the new baja
  34. Rear Pod Mounting
  35. cool bult on led lights 4.50 each from tesco!
  36. Fuel tank vent mod
  37. Throttle/brake mod
  38. home made
  39. MCD skid plate
  40. home made front bumper
  41. diy carry strap
  42. Using photobucket
  43. Front Upper Arm Repair/Mod
  44. "HOW TO" port an engine
  45. Side protection... Pic Heavy!!
  46. 5B SS and 5T Manuals *download them here*
  47. double nut rear hub carrier
  48. D.I.Y..Clutch Removal Tool
  49. Work stand
  50. Concave Washer Mod
  51. Engine Removal Video
  52. brake mod
  53. tyre writing
  54. Front Hub mod
  55. engine mesh mod material
  56. rear brace-bumper mod
  57. DIY Bodypin Tassels
  58. another fuel tank vent mod
  59. Build an adjustable ramp
  60. a slightly different take on the fuel tubing mod
  61. my training ramp
  62. Shreadhead Filter mod for stock and Shreadstack
  63. Running on Sand
  64. my light mod
  65. Front Hub E-Clip Mod
  66. how to remove paint?????
  67. Scorpion chassis brace for 5T
  68. Uber RC rear Bumper+DDM V2 rear+Chassi pin
  69. drillstart,making your own
  70. Drive pins mod for if you keep snapping the stock drive pins
  71. better disc brake
  72. DIY - Carb Filter Mod - 'Team Chase' style
  73. D.I.Y Hinge pins
  74. Wing rap template
  75. Cheap carbon look roof plate
  76. Cabbies fuel tank breather mod leaking? Quick Fix.
  77. Carb cleaning
  78. Screwing with ease!
  79. Flywheel puller
  80. Hpi baja 5T rollcage front quick relaese mod with spare parts
  81. Piston lightening
  82. easy way to protect your 5T rear body
  83. portable batery volt indicator modification
  84. pullstart,its two main issues.
  85. the lazy bollocks guide to baja cleaning
  86. How Differential gears work
  87. Slop eliminators
  88. Cheap flag pole
  89. Re-Oiling Airfilter
  90. brake mod
  91. futaba 3vc face lift
  92. 5T Rear Body Shell - Xyster Anti Anchor mod, free & easy :D
  93. looking for new spots to place your lightpods ?? look at this easy mod I made part 1
  94. rear bumper mod made of hpi parts
  95. Adaptor lead for Volt Watch
  96. Spurgear cover mod .no more hussling to get those damn clips in or out !!!
  97. Araldite - Is this the same as any other epoxy? Wire mesh mod
  98. Can you move the choke lever to the other side ?YES YOU CAN !!
  99. pitbullcrew hpi baja 5B ss all the DIY mods so far diddle style !! on video
  100. Modded Pico Kill Switch On Spekky DX3R
  101. 99p Baja SS silicone exhaust coupling
  102. side engine protectors
  103. rear light bracket
  104. Roll cage Mod something different
  105. spark plug gap setting
  106. Air Filter & Carb Protector?
  107. Guide: How to put a wing on your 5T Bug
  108. GUIDE: camera box/holder!! (very safe)
  109. Dyeing The Fuel Tank Tutorial
  110. How to install BSW 2-speed gearing set (step-by-step)
  111. My take on shock limiting cables
  112. Playing about with an old fan cover
  113. DIY Window Measurments & Angles
  114. V1 Dom Mod
  115. Diy rear bumper.
  116. Rebuilding the cy engine video tutorials
  117. DIY Piston C-clip Tool
  118. Piston stopper (Make your own)
  119. Bleeding your Mecatech brakes.
  120. home made rear window set
  121. quick release side mounted lights for the 5t...
  122. new tonneau cover for my 5t, ready for the winter weather
  123. Vented Fuel Caps Tutorial
  124. Clipless Roll Cage Lights.
  125. Workstand
  126. Custom Made
  127. 5 quid windows !!!
  128. Bearing install tool for Hostile hubs
  129. DIY Flywheel removal
  130. Plug wire install tutorial
  131. pebeo dye??
  132. RPM A-arm light mod
  133. where do you put your light switch
  134. Bad Horsie etc Shock Sock - Installation Tool..lol
  135. wheel hubs mod...need some help
  136. front sway bar on RPM A-arms??
  137. zenoah / cy fan removal
  138. clutch bell mod
  139. 5sc front bumper look
  140. Uber Predator pipe mod
  141. homemade flywheel puller
  142. Upper Arm Assembly mod
  143. make your own easy pull body clips
  144. Dirt Proofing
  145. D.I.Y Spare wheel carrier ?
  146. Recoiling a pull start
  147. little guess mod !!!
  148. guarddogs or dogflaps ?
  149. How to EASILY install a clutch spring.
  150. Clutch bell Bolt Mod
  151. Stripping powder coat from TR braces.
  152. Purple to white!!
  153. Recovering fouled spark plugs.
  154. Lathe digital readout (not baja)
  155. How to replace ss and standard dogbone pins
  156. Hawkpalmers knightrider uber front bumper
  157. 3rd Servo for front brakes.
  158. replacing gear cover pins
  159. My take on Window mounted Pods
  160. the big one fits,servo mod.
  161. extra brace on dom
  162. New Hybrid 5t Metal Baja Shell
  163. Front Axle Mod
  164. Baja Brake mod 100% free
  165. Homemade Side skirts
  166. my pullstart mesh mod
  167. got bored at work
  168. de-anodising
  169. Kraken RC Bullet refuler.
  170. Bored at work? Time to make a Spare wheel carrier!
  171. tried this tonight
  172. Dogbone guards
  173. Brake Mod
  174. Hub grass/dirt guard
  175. kraken bullet refuller gas tank mod
  176. rear turn buckel spacer
  177. shock limiters
  178. Killer RC DIY Headlight LED Kit
  179. spark plug gap
  180. Throttle Cable linkage
  181. my light mount
  182. my diy whip flag
  183. Font lower hinge pin mod CHEAP!
  184. the best how to.....
  185. best metal bending guides-how to
  186. Home-made Boots
  187. baja dyno/rolling road
  188. broken bolt removal
  189. pro-line under tray mesh mod
  190. Rit dye tc cage
  191. Clutch Pad Mod
  192. left overs!
  193. Fit an RPM front bumper & keep the stock bumper
  194. diff/drive cups toob/flm stylie 1.50 mod
  195. my diy baja stand
  196. Another home made Baja stand
  197. part making, anyone fancy a try?
  198. Boiling plastic parts to straighten them.
  199. Wheel Nut Covers..
  200. Shock limit cables
  201. homemade lightened flywheel
  202. Excellent Brakes On A Budget
  203. Playing with an On-board Tacho
  204. proline desert rat truck diy mounts
  205. My Team Chase Window/Panelling Project..
  206. sandrail servo mounts for paul sonic
  207. Booster your xmass present
  208. 42cc goped engine in a baja 5b
  209. Radio Tray Hank Fixings..?
  210. Baja on a diet
  211. dominator v2 silicone tube easy fit video
  212. Adaptors ( for hemi un hostile )
  213. Bulletproof radio sling
  214. frame and rollcage mesh mod
  215. 5b body reinforcement
  216. Budget suspension limitors.
  217. my new home made pit stand which swilves!!
  218. Baja puller
  219. Howto dye RPM arms.
  220. Crud catcher
  221. anyone have a diy mod for stopping mud getting into chassis
  222. HPI Baja Radio Box Ant Mod..
  223. Baja Modified throttle Linkage (Updated 12-2-2012 )
  224. Front arms upside Down
  225. stiffing up baja shell
  226. Dye black parts
  227. A titanium project thread
  228. do ya know what it is yet??
  229. Cheap Rear Spoiler Risers 5B
  230. Baja front arm supports
  231. Rit dye red.baja tank .turns orange.
  232. Carb pop off
  233. Move the ON/OFF switch to the radio box lid
  234. ftx rod ends, on a baja
  235. Cool little fan cover mod by rockypro1
  236. My Latest TC Panels..
  237. From Green to White...
  238. fg style steering conversion from spain
  239. another lightened flywheel
  240. White Walling...
  241. Baja 5b,t,sc, ignition coil bolt mod
  242. DIY side covers / plug cover & windows
  243. need advise for extended hub pin
  244. Throttle/brake linkage mod - my take on the cabbie linkage
  245. D.I.Y. Lights
  246. battery voltage metre on baja 5b battery box
  247. Fuel tank breather mod
  248. RPM roof mount mod
  249. Hinge pin mod
  250. D I Y wing