If you are in the used market for a baja it can be hard to tell if you are getting the genuine article or not.

Please only use this as a rough guide and if you are unsure the best thing to do is send somebody on here who you trust will give you the right reply a PM with some pics of the buggy you are interested in. It can become harder when people start upgrading things, still somebody who knows the differences will always spot something.

This is only to be used as a quick checklist, if you are unsure you should defineatly ask somebody else to check it for you.

HPI Racing Branding - The HPI logo's are missing. Spur gear cover, wheels, Tyres, air filter end, radio box, fuel cap.

Electrics Branding -
Servo's will have HPI branding, Throttle, steering and reciever/radio.

Engines - HPI's come with Fuelie engines, 23cc and 26cc only. Pull start sticker, and caution stickers are on the engine casings.

Ball ends - Are black, HPI are grey.

Fuel line - HPI has 1 black line and 1 yellow.

Plastics - HPI is rather dull and doesn't stand out that much, clones are glossy and shiney.

Shock Collars - Have vertical lines, clones have a cross pattern.

Radio Box - Doesn't have 'HPIracing' or 'RX Charge' (Above charging plug) logo's, Steering servo mounts can differ and there isn't a lug placement for the radio box to fit into the chassis.

Give the tyre a good kick, if the wheel stays on shes a HPI

PM me with anything you can think of and I'll add it to the thread, try to keep them to things you can spot externally and if was you looking over a buggy to purchase.