They are finally done, and should be leaving for TGN, DDM, and the rest of our dealer network most likely by tomorrow .

The new DS v.4 SC Bones, made from 4130 Chromoly steel like our other bones, heat treated for strength, and utilizing our innovative ultra strong captive flat pin design. The new SC bones are approximately 1mm larger in diameter than our v.3 bones. The v.4 taper from 8.3mm to 8.9mm and weigh in at 91g. vs. 92g. for the stock HPI SC bones. So a massive gain in strength but with no weight penalty.

The gold color is the natural color after heat treating, normally we bead blast them when done, but this adds expense to the end product, and we feel that you would rather save some money instead of a bead blasted dogbone. The bones are coated with a teflon coating to keep them from rusting, but if you run in wet or salty conditions (at the beach for instance) you will need to wipe down the bones and spray them with some WD40 or some other form of protective spray.

Street Price should be at approximately $82.00, and like the rest of our dogbones, they come with a lifetime warranty on the bones (pins not covered by warranty). We believe the DarkSoul dogbones to be the best value for your money, and this value continues when you utilize our TOOBZ to reinforce your stock drive cups. TOOBZ are available for both the stock size and SC size drive cups.