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Thread: SS SC build from DogPile racing

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    Default SS SC build from DogPile racing

    I had the oportunity to build a complete Baja SS SC for a customer over the past few weeks. This is a service that DogPile Racing has allways offered and have done a few of them this year. Enjoy the write up.

    What we purchased was an SS SC without engine and outfitted it from there with what the customer and myself deamed durable additives.

    Team Chase cage
    Hostile Crushers on stock rims/foams with Silberback beadlocks/screws
    Hostile 3 deg HD rear hubs, Hostile Hiems and DPR bearings
    PhatDad M-300 5mm cups and bones fitted with Hostile boots
    RPM black control arms all the way around
    DPR/Turtle racing Ultimate tranny in orange
    Turtle Racing top plates front and rear
    Threshold Umbrella seals with Phatdad shock shafts front and rear
    SFL-30 steering servo
    Hitec 5955tg throttle servo
    Killer bee V1 kill switch with buzzer
    Futabe 4pk radio system
    DPR Imortal Child 29.5
    Victory BB side mount pipe with custom front mount to clear Chase cage
    Turtle racing clutch system in orange with 17/56 gearing
    Threshold servo saver spring support
    DPR Dog Balls
    DPR Shock balls
    Shreadstack open plenum air filter backing plate
    DPR HD 4mm "C" clips
    PA racing steering servo mount for SFL-30

    Highlights of the build:
    Overall the kit went together very well with only a couple minor issues.

    I see alot of guys are cutting the Chase cage support to install the Victory BB pipe, I found a simple bracket to drop and tuck in the pipe was a better solution as you can see in the picture.

    The slipper clutch was a nice upgrade but right now is limited to 17/57 gearing. I installed a 20t layshaft gear to compensate for the lower gearing.

    RPM/ Hostile boots had a little clearance issue at full droop so I clearenced the control arm a bit to limit any binding.

    Shreadstack in my opinion is a no brainer. Stock filter backing plate will warp over time letting dirt enter the engine. The aluminum keeps from warping for a good seal.

    Hostile ..... What can I say here? Hubs, boots, hiems, tires... all good!!! Little disappointed I wasn't able to use his spur gear on it because of the slipper clutch. Hopefully this issue will be addressed soon.

    Phatdad Bones and cups. I was glad to see these gems back in stock in time for the build. Paired up with the Ultimate diff is a great combo to take any kind of HP you can throw at it. The updated design with enclosed end looks to be alot more rugged then the original 5mm set up.

    Turtle racing.... Again great parts. Quick diff, top plates, clutch system are allways a great add for durability.

    Threshold... Where would we be without the umbrella seals? I think sometimes we over look the simple things on our baja. Without these seals there would be alot more leaks. IMO they are an install it and forget about it part. Allways hold up very well. For you guys that need these preinstalled in cups they are available on my site.

    Enjoy the pictures guys, customer will be painting his own body to personalize it.

    Also want to put out a big thank you to Ross Mealy for donating his time to take these pitures.

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    Very tidy i am wishing mine was that clean

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    Sweet build

    I like the fact you've upgraded the weaker parts for purpose instead of draping it in bling, good call

    1 happy customer there no doubt

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