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Thread: Lipo nubie needs help

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    Default Lipo nubie needs help

    Hi guys , I just got a killer rc 7.4 v 7.200mah lipo battery and went with equilibrium 3.5 charger ,,
    I've never had a lipo before and I don't wanna ruin it before I have even used can anyone help me out what do I need to do now straight out of the box is it already charged ,, do I need to charge it and how to charge just a bit of information , this has been probably been said before or anything , but 100 of equipment dnt want to ruin it thank you

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    First, congrats on buying the best rx battery pack. No other rx battery it's size comes close to having the power of the Killer RC 7200mAh LiPo.

    Have you seen this video? The principals are the same on all chargers.

    Also, don't charge it until you're ready to run the car, or the day before. LiPos don't like to sit fully charged, unused, for long periods of time. Leave a LiPo or LiFe battery half charged when not being used for a while. We ship the batteries half charged.

    For fastest response, email me.

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