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Thread: Vertigo Performance 'Quick change HD clutch system'

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    Shipping from this end to that end is about $12
    DDM has had the 100652B in stock for some time.

    This is our protocol..
    When we make a significant change with a part we change the part number to better keep the consumer informed.
    We send out to our dealers the new part number and description and inform them the previous part is being discontinued.

    What they do with that information is up to them, all we can do is make sure everyone gets the information..
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    Clayton Briscoe
    Vertigo Performance Products
    Contact info:

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    Vertigo Easy Access Clutch Unit, The absolute quickest way to access the HPI Baja clutch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev View Post
    Few more photos

    Hi mate, I'm considering ordering the EAC and I've noticed you run plastic Hostile spurs as i do too. I was wondering if you've done the Losi pinion mod yet to run a 20t pinion or higher? If so, do the Losi pinions mesh ok with the Hostile spurs?

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    Haha. Was just going to direct you to post 48 in this thread, on your thread showing the two spacers you need to run the Losi pinion. I didn't like the idea of running steel spurs because of drive weight. Currently back to using TR set-up.

    Dean aka Baja 5bss runs steel spurs with no prob of meshing etc.
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    Ive run losi pinions from very early on pretty much from fitting the EAC, weight for me is what it's all about.
    Please also note all makes of baja pinions are pretty much the same weight, just losi ones are the perfect size and weight of that when I used my custom Blackbone ones.
    I understand not everybody can lighten drive (gears) but my all steel drive from clutch to fly wheel and everything in the middle is lighter than stock overall baja set up

    IE Blackbone carrier 33g spur 60g stock 57 spur carrier 110g
    CNC milled carbon fibre/Aluminium baja/losi parts stock, modified and custom.

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