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    Default Great Service

    Must say guys the service at TR is unreal, had a broken arm and Brian in customer service sorted it out and sent a replacement (servo saver)

    Spot on TR

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    That's why people will go back and buy
    Looks like it came out of a scrap yard BUT goes like s...k :D

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    I had issues with my Turtle saver too Mike where the bearings in one of the arms were sloppy (from new), same here replaced without questions , I cant fault them there. However for the price they ought to be bomb proof to be honest, but theyre not. I'm a bit dismayed with how poor the spring has such a short life which is not covered under the warranty. I would be interested to see how Biscuits's modified springs hold up.

    As an engineer myself I modified the problem out with the sloppy bearings in the arm and forwarded my thoughts to Dave at Turtle as to how it could be improved, but got no interest.

    So yes Turtle are excellent and first class at replacing dodgy parts, but I feel they are not so keen at listening to peoples thoughts to improvements and any criticism of their products.

    I know I might get shot down in flames here by avid Turtle fans, but its my honest opinion.
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