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Thread: 5SC in need of repairs looking to sell

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    Hi there, Ive got a hpi baja 5sc here in Hartlepool that could be repaired or used for spares, it needs a few parts to do with clutch ie. housing, spur gear, mounts etc. chassis is ever so slightly bent and there is just a bolt that sticks half out but it causes no problems, the rear right tyre will need replacing and the cups that the rear dog bones go into are very worn,rear shocks slightly leaky, (some new seals inc.) there are a few bolts missing here and there but apart from that the car was running fine until clutch went, theses are all the problems i am aware of.

    It comes with an ansamaan w3 tx, a vector charger, tools, all 5sc bits, lots of spare plastic bits, few oils, spare air filter and stock exhaust, spare wheels and a hpi body shell that i sprayed and stickered and has only be on car for ten minutes, these are over a hundred pounds alone.

    The car will need someone that knows what they're doing to get it sorted so im looking for 350 o.v.n.o

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