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Thread: swingyp turnbuckle tethers review update

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    Default swingyp turnbuckle tethers review update

    Did some work with Paul about a year ago and he came up with these turnbuckle tethers. i am not fan of the full attached front turnbuckles as where I drive my car I damage things. I prefer having the weak point in the steering and having my turnbuckles able to pop off. Only problem I have then is you can often loose the complete turnbuckle. Which if you nice flashy titanium turnbuckles you want to protect your investment. For example, MMR sell titanium turnbuckles for 25 and after that the plastic end bits are cheap as chips.

    Been using these now for about a year and they have been to bashfest. If you have nice turnbuckles and use the plastic end bits keeping that weak point in your steering these really do work. They keep you turnbuckle on your car if either end gets knocked off or even both ends. I get the shorter lengths with 8mm ends on them. But if you use the titanium turnbuckles from MMR 6mm ends will do. The 6mm ends are thicker than the 8mm ends and so are stronger. If they are a bit tight on your turnbuckle just drill them out to 61/2mm.
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