This works and works well I thought I'd share with you guys now, doing the old school crank mesh works but IMO not good enough.
Once those vent get ram packed with grass you loose shed loads of flow over the fly wheel, so I wanted something that was for and forget and to make sure nothing at all got under the engine.

Takes more time to do but if things are worth doing it's worth doing right, you need to mesh all round the engine.
1 under the carb
2 behind the tank
3 under the spur
4 back of the engine
5 (In my case) engine shroud.

But once it's done it's lets nothing in meaning maximum flow maximum cooling, and no digging out grass.

I had a sort of bodged job done first but rebuilding the diff so thought I'd get some nicer mesh and do it again, well want really a bodge lol but dint look to nice in the eye.

This stops any grass that collets on and around the top plate getting sucked in, then add the top.

This stops any grass getting in from under the spur

Also keeps sand out of the EAC opening

Just an old outwears for the carb area, grass rest in the tank and then gets sucked down the front of the engine.

Now last place for me is the shroud only applies if you have removed 3/4 of the shroud, this is not done 100% yet only glued a tad at the top.

You also have to block off the front of the engine left and right side, 2 small areas where grass can get pulled in.
This is still at the bodge stage but will be done