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Thread: BZM Flywheel Housing

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    Default BZM Flywheel Housing

    Good Afternoon Kev

    I was wondering if you could possibly quote me for some machining on my new BZM Flywheel Housing please. I would like to use the same wire mesh mod that I had on my previous housing but will need the raised edges on the 3 slots machining flat in order to fit it. On the last one I drilled and tapped the holes for the mesh screen myself but wasn't as happy with the result as I could have been as it was all done by hand and I'd never tapped holes so small before, so would appreciate if you could also drill/tap the 7 x M3 holes to suit my mesh mod please as I bet you can do a much neater job.

    Here are a couple of photos which should give a clearer idea of the machining needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Pm'd you

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