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    Default advice please guys

    well i just bought a V2 chase cage, thinking of getting or making some panels for it, want it to look mean as possible so how can i make arches etc?

    also i want it ice white with candy/fluro green monster energy logos mixed in here and there with a few other smaller details, am i best buying a clear shell and working with that or paneling the cage ?

    everything is green and my alu is getting powdercoated white some time in the next month so cage or shell need to match, anyone got any pics or advice? never painted anything properly

    last time i painted a shell i sprayed the outside and put stickers on

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    Powder coat works to RAL numbers but paint codes are different to that so it won't match exactly but you'll be able to get something close.

    If you had green vinyl cut to the design you wanted you could apply it to the inside of the shell ( the vinyl should be green both sides ) and then all you have to do is paint it white. Alternatively get masking vinyl cut for you then paint the inside of that so it's green, remove the mask, paint everything white, all done. You can get decent polycarbonate aerosols from most rc model shops.

    Hope that helps.

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