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Thread: 2 speed gearing.

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    Default 2 speed gearing.

    Got a 34cc OBR reed with a 2 speed blackbone gear set.

    Any info on best gears to use?

    I currently have 18/56 and then 23/53

    The gear change don't seem that dramatic.

    Did a speed run on cut grass @ 53.1mph don't know if that's good or not for gearing and engine.

    What's peeps experiences or advice?
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    Gears are personal mate if you feel the engines not revving out gear down on the 2nd.
    But after using one for a few years don't have a 5 tooth jump, I did but caused no end of issue and also change around 15k tops same reason less issues.
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    Just stick with a single gear....... Never been a fan of 2 speeds in a 1/5th scale as you can get very close to same speed with a high powered engine ( Which you have ) and good gearing.

    Buy a tacho too so you can check your top end RPM's out as it may not be tuned.

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