Further to the original post:

I had this Baja after buying it online:

Found it was a clone, but had some good upgrades, however, after testing the car out at the track, found the kill switch was just annoying, plus the steering was really rubbish - ended up finding the servo saver bolt completely out and loose in the body work, after putting this back in found the steering servo arm was stripped, so changed that only to find the gears in teh steering servo are on their way out as certain point it gets to and just grinds / slips.

After someone i know managing to break their carbon chassis - i bought the left over car (minus engine) for parts, and decided upon a hybrid build of the 2 cars together - to be done at bashfest!

Well, things then changed again when i saw a very nice shiny looking IRC chassis, kick up plate & rear plate for sale (brand new), so decision was made to say bugger it, buy that and 'build' a good one (all whilst at bashfest!)

Thankfully the rain on Saturday helped my plans so sat in the army tent (perfect for working when raining outside), i stripped the 2 baja's down and fitted the 'best' bits from both onto the IRC chasis, so top ally braces from one, alloy steering setup from teh other, gearbox & uber drive system from the broken one, radio gear & servos from broken one, steering links, front plastics from original etc.

Also managed to get the OBR 32FM fully rebuilt and ready to go in - once the clutch housing arrives (had one on it but too short and spacers i had were too big!), so hopefully this week it'll come together.

Some pics (click for bigger):
All put together minus the engine

And with the cage on it.

(since pics taken, i've changed the rear red shock brace for a shiny silver one)

Can't wait to put the engine in and fit the new 19/55 gears i got as should go pretty well then