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    Hi.can you tell me what the difference is between lipo,nicads please just a bit behind the times ,barry
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    They're two different animals Barry. Nicads are Nickel Cadmium based whereas Lipo Batteries are lithium polymer based. LiFe batteries are lithium ferrite.
    Nicads were good in their day and still are, but this type of battery needs to be fully discharged before it may be recharged or it will get what is known as a memory effect. I.e. It will appear from testing to have full capacity after charging when in fact it won't be full at all.
    Lithium batteries can be charged any time and a partially discharged battery may be topped up at any time.
    Another advantage of Lithium batteries is their small size that can hold quite a capacity of power so they are ideal when you do not have a great amount of space to fit the battery.
    Lithium batteries also need a dedicated balance charger as they can become in an unsafe state if not charged correctly....they can explode.....more so with LiPo type cells. But if charged and looked after right they are good and safe.

    This is a good article to help you understand.
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