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Thread: I'm Back. Again.

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    Default I'm Back. Again.

    Hi Everyone.

    How's it going?

    Sorry I've not been around, lots has been happening. Main reason is the place where we usually took our Bajas has been inaccessible due to widening stretches of Dual-Carriageway. 2ndly, me and mrs have bought our first home. Nice to not be paying rent any more but even though it's a new build. it's taking up funds like nobodies business. our first baba on the way

    Now the house is something like it, I still need a shed, but have a few spare rooms I can use for a bit until I sort one, to get the Baja back in action.

    I'll be completely honest and you are all going to hate me. The last time I used the Baja was Between Crimbo and Newyear 2015 going into 2016! It has not been cleaned/touched/started or anything since. I hate to say it but I took it out to show a family member on the beach in the rain and everything, so it's been sat in a locked storage box for over a year with sand and salt water on it.

    I am quite frankly dreading to see what it's like.

    What would be your first port of call to recommission. Thankfully, everything can be solved I'll try and sort out a room to use this week and hopefully bring it to the house at the weekend.

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    if it were me id do a full strip down and clean everything as you rebuild ... you're not daft so you know what to do with your engine to get it going ...

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    as above what gary said, complete last nut n bolt strip down mate,
    get a new screw kit and junk all the old ones, same with the bearings , get a bearing kit cos I bet there all toast,
    and welcome back as well

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    Thought I'd show you what it looked like when I pulled it out at the weekend... Ashamed.

    The Carb is stuck on closed throttle. I've just purchased a used one as I've got a rebuild kit ready to go for it. Was reading and people saying if your throttle is stuck, then it's pretty much goosed.

    This really is going to need a proper going over

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    Well have fun rebuilding and don't forget strip down pics and re assembly lol when it's finished let us know as I know a few people that are getting back to the scene �� I am assuming the place you used to go was somewhere near temple on the a30?

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