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Thread: One of them northerners again.

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    Default One of them northerners again.

    Hi all, bit of an intruder as I don't have an R/C car/buggy/truck......but I've been making a few bits and pieces for them lately so I thought I'd have a look around see what's out there

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    Welcome mate....and make use of this great wealth of info on here.
    What parts do you make ?

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    Been doing some airboxes, battery trays, window grills, etc for some of the locals, but I'm working on my own range of new shock internals/complete new shocks at the minute because they all showed me what they were running and it took me half an hour to stop laughing

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    Welcome matey enjoy bfuk

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    Cheers, the aim is to build my own 1/5th scale at some point, hence having a look around at what people are using, but I've been looking at the dairy and it says "Work > Tax > Funeral" at the minute

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