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Thread: What is my engine worth ( Trevor Simpson. )

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    Default What is my engine worth ( Trevor Simpson. )

    I am toying with the idea of putting up my engine for sale. It is a trevor simpson 28.5cc engine 15 to 1 compression with advance timing cover. 4 bolt head with the Trevor simpson head.
    I am looking on some prices on the bare engine
    Then a price of a complete ready to run engine with the elcon clutch, baratone pipe, turtle racing pull start, alloy clutch holder, a 990 carb

    the only reason i am toying with the idea of selling is because i am a basher and this engine seems to be more of a racer spec. I don't want it to go to waste at my hands. This was bought along with my losi when buying it second hand around 2 years ago and has only been a total of around 3 hours in my time.

    All i have been told about this engine that it is highly sort after, and rare to come across being sold complete.

    Anyway thank you all for your time and time for some pictures

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