HI all,

Back in 2013, i bought myself a Baja 5B SS. I only had it a few months using it only a handful of times before selling it on.

This year, i have got back into my 5th scales. In January i purchased what is probably considered an`old`RC- A Mcd Proline Rally car. This had always been a bucket list car for me with the detailed Bodies and scale looks. The 4wd system is simple but very effective, and in wet or damp conditions, you can perform the most lurid slides.

A few weeks back, i started to get an itch for an Off Roader again as i dont think i had the 5B for long enough to enjoy it. Having considered a 5ive T, i found a good deal on a 5SC last week which was only 4 miles away! I considered both, and i think what swung it for me was a comment someone said which was `a 5ive T will do what you ask it to do..... a Baja will just laugh at you`..

My limited experience with the SS was certainly pretty close to this lol.

What a beast the 5SC is!! Makes the MCD Focus look pretty small. Personally, i actually think it looks better than the 5ive too.

Looking forward to running it. It came with a few mods already- A dom V2, Limiting cables, Killswitch and some RPM bits. It also came with its box and a load of spares. Ive ordered some Outerwears bits today from MMR.

Just wondering if there is anyone else around in the Bournemouth/Poole area and if so, where do you run yours?