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Thread: FS sintered clutch with UFC spring requirements

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    Default FS sintered clutch with UFC spring requirements

    Hello I plan to install this clutch on a fairly heavy truck (vekta) with a obr reed 340 engine and a vented clutch carrier. Is it needed to install high heat ball bearings in the surroundings or will run fine with stock ball bearings on both engine and bell? How many tanks will last without changing the clutch?
    I have another option with the MIP clutch bt I think it is more suited to racing and lighter vehicles. What would you recommend? I am interested in performance for bashing and durability.

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    Not sure anybody here as that combo to offer advise on the clutch or spring, regards bearings the worse that can happen is all the grease comes out.

    The ALX uses steel shoes and I've only got standard bearings and had no issues, just run and see how it goes.
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