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Thread: Torque Wrench Settings / Value Chart

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry morse View Post
    i have got a old baja 5b ready built thats why its not in there i think, thanks for info

    No problem, being an RTR manual it probably doesn't show the full disassembley of the buggy.

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    thats right mate

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    tork wrench is a good bit of kit
    long as you know how it works
    set the spring to a value ,on the slideing scale,say 10 nm
    then fit socket to tool,tighten till it clicks
    the point of the 10 nm setting,spring pressure,
    any tighter and you have gone past that point
    ie the spring cant hold out againts your applied force,so clicks
    have seen many people kill threads ,as they keep going
    past the click point,head bolts,alley wheel nuts
    even one chap,air gun up a nut ,then tork it,mad
    happy days
    found rc,s love thread lock,lol
    or you got half a car when it comes back,bolts in the field
    well exellent forum,lots to learn here,good set baja people on here
    all got the passion for it
    be a good summer this year,burning two stroke fuel

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    nice one some good info there, thx

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    Default torque wrench

    i went to harbor freight and got mine it was only 20$ u.s. and it works great its in in/lbs and ever thing

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    Default what is the best torque setting

    whats the best torque setting for the head bolts and crank case bolt more so the higher setting in the middle or lower and also should i retorque them after its been ran at temp thank if possiable could someone e mail me the answer at thank you

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