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Thread: I-RC Big Bore Baja Shocks - Setup & info

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    is it possible to create the same type of mounting system as these? it could possibly get rid of the problem with some front aftermarket parts? not sure, just a thought.

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    Or just get two Orings (which i have coming in very soon) that others have done here and other places, put one each side of the cap and walla u now have two spacers, works for the TR braces and any other mount we make.

    but something like that can be done infact i thought of an idea to make that system better do people want that type of mount tho?

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    If your design is better then i would like to see that
    5B / Promx 30.5.
    Shorty Roofchopper rail


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    it was just a thought as people were using the Rear TR mounts on the front and having bother filing and drilling things, they dont seem to realise those fixings were never ment for the front TR combo though.

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    remove air bleed screw from shock cap (dont lose it)
    A simple beadlock screw works like a treat as a replacement. not that i've lost mine

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