Here is step by step pictures of a shock build I did with stock shocks and Threshold umbrella seals. Picture one is all the parts laid out including the Threshold umbrella seals.

Picture two is the lower balls installed in the shock shaft, shafts lightly oiled with the boots slid in place. These are also available with your choice of shock shafts installed. Sorry for the blurry pic.

Third picture is the bottom caps with the Threshold seals installed. I'll be doing a how to thread on this step soon.

Fourth is the lower portion of the shock assembled with pistons installed. Also the top caps with balls pressed in and nuts installed.

Fifth is the upper shock bodies assembled. Don't forget the oring on the cap and inside the nut.

Six is the upper shock bodies sitting full of fluid waiting for any air bubbles to rise to the top. Sockets work well to hold them while you wait.

Seven is the bottoms and tops assembled and cleaned up from the extra oil required to get a proper bleed.

And here they are complete ready to install.

These are available from my website or send me a pm if your interested. I have a few sets with stock shafts and with PhatDad shafts assembled and ready to go.

Thanks for checking this thread out.